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About Me


Hi. I am Eleanor Seaborne Baker, a creative marketing/design professional based in Austin, Texas.

What's my goal? To help brands become more familiar and trusted in the digital world. Increased brand recognition will lead to more website traffic and ultimately the acquisition of more leads or customer purchases. 

How do I do it? Quality is key. I write useful content for websites and social media. I turn boring data into eye-catching infographics. I plan, launch and manage engaging social media campaigns and email newsletters. I design graphics that speak louder than words, while following your branding guidelines. 

What about my personality? I took an online quiz - "Which Dog Are You?" - and it said that my personality fits a Dachshund - playful and determined. That's about right. Every day is an opportunity to learn more about marketing/design and I'm determined to have fun doing it. 

What I Do

Below are some of the things I do. But, I'm always learning and adding new skills/knowledge, so keep an eye on this page to see the list grow. 

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Blogs • Email Newsletters • Case Studies • Reports • Press Releases • Surveys and Result Summaries • Downloadable Papers • Résumés

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Brochures • Flyers • Posters • Signage • Postcards • +More

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Wordpress • SquareSpace • Landing Pages • Hubspot • MailChimp • Banner Ads • Social Media Content and Management • +More

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Creative Design

Infographics • Icon Design • Logos • Branded Swag • +More


My Background

I'm a designer at heart. I studied mechanical engineering because I wanted to design products for the outdoor industry - bikes, tents, etc. Then, as a field marketing manager, I planned and managed interactions that were designed to grow customer adoption. And now, as I work in marketing and design, I'm using my all of my experience to help companies brand themselves.  Read more about my education and work experience on My Background page.


Your brand deserves quality.

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"I need people who can learn new skills quickly, communicate confidence and self-manage. Eleanor is one of those people."

— Eric Svoboda, former boss at Avnet

Let's team up.

I'm a person, you're a person. We're both just trying to do a good job. Let's be friends and help each other.


What's Next For Me?

Career: I'm searching for a position and company with a forward-thinking marketing team. I want to learn best practices from experienced professionals, and help grow brand awareness. My dream job would be a mixture of: creating content, graphic design, marketing campaign planning and brand strategy.